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Diploma in Food and Beverage Services is a course that train students in the basics of restaurant cooking and baking, food safety procedures and nutrition. Students also gain some knowledge in business management like accounting,cost control,human resources etc. The variety of production and service jobs exist in the food industry, ranging from cooking and culinary preparation to produce warehouse management. Food production service workers may be employed at full-service and fast-food restaurants, cafeterias, schools, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, storage facilities and farms. Typically the training focuses on food and preparation.

Diploma in Food & Beverages Eligibility

  • The candidates who have completed their higher education that is 10+2 with at last minimum aggregate marks obtained in their exams are eligible for this course. Some institutions consider the score in the entrance tests based on the subjects covered and may consider that scores also.
Diploma in Food & Beverages Syllabus
Syllabus of Food & Beverages as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.
Sr.No. Subjects of Study
1 Food Service
2 Beverage Service
3 Food & Beverage Control
4 Hygiene & Sanitation
5 Business Communication
Diploma in Food & Beverages Course Suitability
  • The course is suitable to provide a pathway to develop and share your passion for healthy eating.
  • It's designed to give you a framework to develop or advance your career
How is Diploma in Food & Beverages Course Beneficial
  • Taking this course prepares the student for advanced education in this field. The student will be better able to work in the field, as well as to handle management level positions.
Diploma in Food & Beverages Course Job Types
  • F&B Manager
  • waiter
  • bartender
  • Assistant F&B manager
  • Guest service associate